The Mission of Aqueous Technologies
Aqueous Technologies believes in designing, manufacturing, and supporting cleaning and cleanliness testing products that are highly effective and that protect the environment. Our efforts save millions of gallons of water annually.

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When 2016 drew to a close and most conversations contained the phrase “I can’t believe another year has gone by…”, I was blown away by another time-travel phenomenon. Our company’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

Twenty five years ago, Aqueous Technologies was born, starting as an idea in a garage. Our idea was to design a circuit assembly cleaning system that would not use environment-damaging solvents, would clean better than conventional cleaning methods, and would do so in half of the time. We sketched some drawings, built a prototype, conducted testing, and launched a company. Our earliest designs set the standard for cleaning performance, environmental responsibility, and cost-per-clean-assembly.

During the past twenty-five years, we experienced many success and a few failures (or as we like to call them, “learning experiences”). The electronic assembly industry has changed remarkably over the past two and a half decades. We have survived many challenges including three recessions, increasing environmental regulations, and the rise of China. Today through the explosion of newer, faster, smaller technology, and the promise of even more production as the Internet of Things (IOT), wearables, and Industry 4.0 begin to take shape, our industry is anything but dull.


Certainly, the electronic assembly industry, with its fast-paced technological change, global footprint, and increasing demands on smaller product size, speed, reliability, and price, is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenge that demands unconventional thinking and a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement. Our goal is to continue to produce products which are relevant to our industry. Our mission is to design and build equipment which exceeds our customer’s expectations, adds reliability to our customer’s products, protects the environment, and (yes, we truly mean this) makes the world a better place.

Over the past twenty-five years, we have built thousands of cleaning and cleanliness testing machines. Our products operate in dozens of countries across six continents. We are truly grateful for our customers, vendors, sales and service partners, industry associates, and our team members (current and past). While it has gone by way too fast, I am grateful for the past twenty-five years and look forward with eager anticipation to the next twenty-five years.

Michael Konrad

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