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To Clean or Not to Clean

Tips and Tricks of Cleaning Circuit Assemblies

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Cleanliness Quantification Techniques – How Clean is Clean?

Contamination Associated Failure Mechanisms and How to Avoid Them

A Beginner's Guide to Cleaning Circuit Assemblies

The "best of" 2016's workshop and webinar material.

While some products call themselves ROSE testers, in reality, they're not.

Methods to ensure the cost of cleaning does not exceed the value of cleaning.

All About Trident


Aqueous Technologies and the Environment

How Clean is Clean Enough


Cleaning Methods and Machines

Kim Sauer (@kimsauermedia) asks Mike Konrad "How Clean is Clean?"

Process Qualification Techniques

Cleanliness testing methods. Explanation of expressions of contamination.

Benefits of cleaning. The reasons we stopped cleaning and resumed cleaning.

All About Zero Ion


All About Aqueous Technologies

Cleaning in the Age of No-Clean

Mike Konrad Interview (San Diego 2015)

Mike Konrad Interview
(San Diego 2014)

Tutorial - How to use Trident's SPC Features

Tutorial - How to Adjust the Chemical Management System

Mike Konrad Interview (Shenzhen China)

Advantages of using a chemical additive

Benefits of pallet cleaning. 


All About StencilWasher


Cleaning High Density Assemblies

Environmental Mitigation Techniques


Interview of Mike Konrad (Munich 2013)

Mike Konrad Interview


Tutorial - Loading Boards in Trident

Mike Konrad Interview APEX 2015

Industry Experts Interview