The Mission of Aqueous Technologies
Aqueous Technologies believes in designing, manufacturing, and supporting cleaning and cleanliness testing products that are highly effective and that protect the environment. Our efforts save millions of gallons of water annually.

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Message from Mike...

Welcome to Aqueous Technologies!

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Thanks for visiting us! 

Even though it sounds cliché, I am compelled to say, “I can’t believe another year has gone by”. 2018 marks my thirty-third year in the electronic assembly business. I started in this industry when I was twenty-four years old. I am now fifty-seven. Seven years after I entered the electronic assembly equipment industry, I founded Aqueous Technologies. I was thirty-one years old. Aqueous Technologies was founded in my garage. Eventually, we managed to secure a small 1,200 square foot industrial unit. Within a year, we were blessed with enough sales and production to justify expanding to 3,500 square feet. Within a few years, we grew to 9,000 square feet and eventually to over 20,000 square feet.

 Nepcon West, Anaheim CA 1993

Nepcon West, Anaheim CA 1993

Today, we have more than four thousand customers across six continents. Our products are used to improve reliability in many industries including medical, aviation, defense, communication, consumer, and countless more. Our team takes great pride in knowing our customer’s products last longer and function more reliability as a result of the products we make.

Each year, we produce educational workshops and webinars which are widely attended. For those who have attended our technical events, we express our gratitude. For those who have not yet experienced our workshops or webinars, we look forward to your attendance in the near future.

 Aqueous Technologies' Corona CA Factory

Aqueous Technologies' Corona CA Factory

We believe in a company’s ability to make the world a better place. Each year, our products save millions of gallons of water. Our line of zero discharge products prevent millions of gallons of water from going to drain, eliminating risk for our customers while adding reliability and value to their products. Our mission has remained unchanged over the past twenty-five years. We are committed to design, manufacture, sell, and support products which are environmentally responsible, technically relevant, effective, and add reliability and value to our customer’s products.

We are grateful for our customers, team members, vendors, and industry partners for allowing us to continue on this great journey. 


Michael Konrad

Twitter: @AqueousTech