Contamination Associated Failure Mechanisms and How to Avoid Them

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Tech-Tuesday 2018 Webinars continue with "Contamination Associated Failure Mechanisms and How to Avoid Them".

This webinar provides valuable information about contamination related failure mechanisms including Electro-Chemical Migration (ECM) and its various manifestations (dendritic growth, parasitic leakage, and CAF), coating adhesion failures, and offensive residues. 

This presentation will also discuss the reasons some assemblies suffer contamination-related failures while other assemblies with identical levels of contamination remain reliable. 

This one hour technical webinar will be presented live by Mike Konrad, an SMTA "Distinguished Speaker" and is offered free of charge.

Recorded Webinars

A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Circuit Assemblies


Tech-Tuesday 2018 kicked off with “A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Circuit Assemblies”. As more and more assemblers consider post-reflow cleaning of circuit assemblies, many are presented with numerous questions. This webinar is designed to “begin at the beginning”. Several cleaning related topics will be reviewed including: 

• Reasons for cleaning
- Reasons we use to clean
- Reasons we stopped cleaning
- Reasons we resumed cleaning
• Contamination related failure mechanisms
• Cleaning methods
- Manual
- Automatic
+ Batch
+ Inline
• Cleaning costs
• 2018 Cleaning best practices
• How clean is clean?