October 17 Austin
Norris Conference Center
Red Oak Ballroom
2525 W. Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78757
8:30AM - 4:15PM

October 19 Richardson Texas
Holiday Inn
1655 North Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080
8:30AM - 4:15PM

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In the demanding world of electronic assembly, profits and losses are influenced directly by reliability. Today's customers demand the highest levels of product reliability frequently at the lowest possible costs. The Texas Cleaning and Reliability Workshop features experts from several fields all pertaining to reliability. This free workshop features experts covering:

  • Cleaning Processes and Equipment
  • Environmental Mitigation
  • Cleanliness Assessment
  • Cleaning Chemicals (water based and solvent)
  • Stencil Printing
  • Soldering Materials 
  • Cleaning After Rework
  • Many Other Best Practice Reliability-Based Topics

Our panel of expert speakers will present relevant technical data, best-practices, and other helpful information designed to assist engineers in their quest for improved reliability. Join us in Austin Texas for this valuable one-day workshop. Attendance is free and seating is limited. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.


8:30AM Registration and Breakfast
Networking and an opportunity to meet the speakers who are experts in their field and ask specific questions about your process challenges.


9:00AM Michael Konrad - President/CTO
Aqueous Technologies
"The Unintended Consequences of Cleaning"

This "conversation-style" presentation covers several popular cleaning-related subjects and provides answers to popular questions including:

  • Many of us haven't cleaned for more than twenty years. Why do we need to clean now?
  • How much assembly contamination is acceptable?
  • What's the true cost of cleaning?
  • How are most assemblers cleaning their assemblies?
  • Do I need a chemical to clean?
  • What's the environmental impact when I clean (am I solving one problem and creating another)?
  • Are there any alternatives to cleaning?
  • What happened when a contract manufacturer did not say "no"
  • How clean is clean enough? 

Michael Konrad is an industry expert on the removal of contamination from circuit assemblies. Mike has been part of the electronic assembly cleaning industry for the past thirty-two years. He has designed several automated cleaning and cleanliness testing machines, has published scores of technical articles on the subjects of cleaning and cleanliness quantification and is a member of Editorial Boards for several industry publications. Mike served on the US Navy's EMPF manufacturer's committee and is a featured speaker at industry events and technical workshops worldwide. Mike has served as an Expert Witness in civil litigation matters concerning post-reflow cleanliness assessment and contamination-related failure mechanisms. Mike is the founder of Aqueous Technologies and serves as its President/CTO.

10:15AM Break

10:30AM Naveen Ravindran, M.S.Ch.E.

"Reflow, Multiple Thermal Cycles and Cleaning No Clean Solder Paste and the Impact on PCB Reliability" 
Printed circuit board manufacturing is an interactive process with complex components and material sets. When designing PCBs, solder paste selection and proper cleaning is critical, even when using No Clean. As PCB surface density and component mass continuously increase, the recommended thermal profile must be sufficient to produce quality solder bonds and fully volatize flux residues. Remaining flux residues on the board, if ionic in nature, can lead to failure mechanisms. This presentation will address the importance of employing an optimized cleaning process, the effects of thermal profile variations and multiple thermal heat cycles on the PCB cleaning process.  Additionally, cleanliness assessment and process control tools will be presented. 

Naveen Ravindran, M.S.Ch.E., is an Application Engineer at ZESTRON Americas. Mr. Ravindran is an active member of the SMTA as well as the IPC. He has contributed to multiple case studies performed in collaboration with major cleaning equipment manufacturers. Mr. Ravindran provides technical support to our customers, including cleaning process recommendations as well as onsite customer support for process implementations and optimizations. He also was a key contributor to the extensive technical paper series “Key to Low Standoff Cleaning” as well as the lead-free and eutectic screening series completed at ZESTRON’s Technical and Analytical Center in Manassas, VA. Mr. Ravindran graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Madras, India, and a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV. He has been with ZESTRON Americas since October 2006.

11:30AM Lunch

12:15PM Robert Wallace - Regional Marketing and Channel Partner Manager - Americas
Alpha Assembly Solutions
"Soldering Material Set Selection and the Potential Effect on High Reliability Electronics"

This seminar will highlight how Soldering Material Set Choices play an important role in the functionality and long term reliability of today’s electronics.  The move to Pb Free soldering together with increasing complexity of assemblies has put increased pressure on making the right decisions when it comes to Solder Paste, Liquid Flux, and Rework Material selection and processes used in the assembly process. An understanding of Electrochemical Reliability and how to make the right Material Set Choice as well as the decision to clean or not to clean your assemblies is the focus of the seminar. 

Robert Wallace started his career with Alpha Assembly Solutions in October of 1990 and currently is the Regional Marketing and Channel Partner Manager for the Americas Region to include both North and South America. In his role, Robert is responsible for supporting the entire line of Soldering Materials produced by Alpha Assembly Solutions to include Solder Paste, Wave Solder Fluxes, Cleaning Chemicals, Bar Solder, and Core Wire. He is also responsible for training all of Alpha’s Field Sales and Channel Partner Field Sales Personnel so they can provide Application Specific Technical Support to customers that use Alpha products. Robert holds an Associate Degree in Mid Management from El Paso Community College, El Paso TX, and has been in the Electronics Assembly Industry for over 30 years. His other Professional Accomplishments include: • Six Sigma Green Belt • Past President of the Texas / Mexico Industrial Suppliers Association • Alpha Presidents Award Recipient • Alpha Salesman of the Year • Presenter and Panelist at numerous SMTA Events • SMTA Expo Committee Member

1:15PM Break

1:30PM Mike Burgess - AR ("As Required")
ASM Assembly Solutions -DEK
"Modern Day Stencils and Materials for a Robust SMT Printing Processes" 
It is well understood 60 to 70 percent of all defects in electronic circuit board assembly can be traced back to the printing process. Printing machines amongst the manufacturers have evolved to provide repeatable stencil to substrate alignment, consistent print speed and squeegee pressure, although achieving consistent solder paste volume can be difficult given the mixture of components on a given assembly. Stencils are a key element of the printing process responsible for delivering a precise volume of solder paste repeatability to the desired location on the board throughout the life of the stencil. The stencil supply industry has improved over the years, with more advanced lasers, better and finer grains of stainless steel, various stencil coatings and more recently higher tensioned stencils. With these advancements, satisfying the heterogeneous challenge of solder demand for large and small component features are achievable with the right stencil designs and material specification when printing area ratios that drop below 0.66. Selection of proper understencil cleaning material sets and frequency of cleaning also plays an important role in achieving consistent printing through a given production run. The interaction of aperture design, stencil alloys, coatings, and cleaning materials to optimize printing will be discussed. Modern 3D Electroformed stencils with custom squeegee blades can transform a slow inconsistent dispensing process into a faster, more reliable and automated printing process. This opens up a wide range of printing solutions for semiconductor packaging as well as traditional circuit board requirements when needing to print on different planes. Different applications and solution will be shared.

Mike Burgess is ASM Assembly Systems’ North American Regional Sales Manager for Process Support Products and is responsible for business development for the full range of consumables used in screen printing processes. These include stencils, coatings, screens, chemistries, understencil fabric rolls and tooling solutions. With over 30 years of sales, marketing and application support experience in the electronics industry, both from the manufacturing and supplier perspective, Mike brings a broad knowledge base to his current role. Prior to joining ASM (formerly DEK), Mike held positions and enjoyed professional success with Canfield Technologies, AIM Solder, Photo Stencil and Cookson Electronics. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Michigan State University.

2:30PM  Break

2:45PM Russell Claybrook - Central Region Sales Manager
"Process Control at Bench Top Cleaning - How Not to Kill a Circuit Board" 
This presentation will explain tools and methods for implementing process control at bench top cleaning while achieving  the following goals: 

    1.       Reduced solvent usage
    2.       Labor reduction
    3.       Reduced chemistry exposure
    4.       Process control / localized cleaning
    5.       Improved cleanliness

With more than 27 years of experience providing cleaning solutions to the electronics industry, Russell has witnessed the evolution of cleaning processes.  From Organic Acid and Rosin and RMA flux residues of the early ‘90’s, to No Clean and Water Washable No Clean residues of today, inline and bench top cleaning chemistries also have evolved..  Throughout that time, Russell has worked with process engineers to find the best bench top cleaning methods for flux residues using MicroCare products.  As a sales representative for MicroCare until 2010, and as a MicroCare regional sales manager since 2012, he has helped companies across the USA and Mexico establish economical cleaning processes at repair & rework stations and at post-wash component addition.  Russell currently manages the MicroCare sales representative network from Texas to Southern Idaho to West Virginia, including the central provinces of Canada. 

3:45PM Expert Panel Discussion (Q&A)
This is a time to ask more questions and discuss specific topics not covered in the day's presentations. 

4:15PM Adjourn