Tech-Tuesday 2017 Webinars continue with "Tips and Tricks for Successful Cleaning of Circuit Assemblies".

In the last half of the 20th century, cleaning of circuit assemblies was a standard assembly practice. The abolishment of popular CFC-based cleaning solvents ushered the introduction of "no-clean" assembly processes. For much of the electronic assembly industry, cleaning was nonexistent.  Over the past several years, cleaning has regained popularity. Today, the majority of electronic assemblies are cleaned. For many assemblers, cleaning is a new process.

This webinar will present modern best-practice cleaning techniques including:

  • Tips for maximizing cleaning results
  • Do's and don'ts of cleaning circuit assemblies
  • How to choose a cleaning chemical (if needed)
  • Preventing (or mitigating) foam during cleaning
  • Estimating throughput capabilities on batch and inline cleaning systems
  • How to determine the assemblies are clean during the cleaning process
  • How to determine the assemblies are clean after the cleaning process
  • Environmental mitigation techniques
  • Calculating the per-assembly cost of cleaning
  • Keeping your cleaning machine in top-working order
  • And other valuable tips and tricks

Who should attend? 
This webinar is designed for assemblers who are cleaning assemblies and those who are considering a cleaning process. 

This webinar is free of charge