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This 6 minute video presentation outlines the intended and unintended benefits of cleaning

Aqueous Technologies believes in designing, manufacturing, and supporting cleaning and cleanliness testing products that are highly effective and that protect the environment. Our efforts save millions of gallons of water annually.

The Mission of Aqueous Technologies

This video is about Trident automatic cleaning and cleanliness verification system. Trident is designed to remove contamination and harmful residues from circuit assemblies increasing the assembly's reliability. Trident is available in a complete zero discharge configuration, eliminating the need for a drain and discharge permits.

The Zero Ion ionic contamination (cleanliness) tester automatically, accurately, and quickly performs cleanliness testing per IPC JSTD 001 TM650 as well as military and other specifications.

StencilWasher Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning System harnesses sound waves to effectively clean stencils, screens, and misprinted assemblies.

How Clean is Clean (Enough)?

Cleaning in the Age of No-Clean

Second in a five part webinar series: Cleaning Methods and Machines This 60 minute presentation covers the following topics: Selecting a cleaning process or machine is the first step in improving contamination-related reliability issues. In order to choose the process or machine that best suits your needs, several factors must be considered. This live webinar will review the various cleaning methods and will include a list of attributes and drawbacks of each method. Methods include: Manual cleaning technologies Immersion cleaning technologies Spray-in-air cleaning technologies - Batch - Inline

High Densities, Low Standoffs, Stubborn Residues Modern Cleaning Challenges and Solutions - Register Here Description Third in a five part webinar series: High Densities, Low Standoffs, Stubborn Residues Modern Cleaning Challenges and Solutions This 65 minute presentation covers the following topics: There are many challenges when it comes to removing contamination from a circuit assembly. Shadowing, impingement, process control, environmental, and others challenge the cleaning equipment and chemical industry daily. This live webinar reviews the common cleaning challenges and presents various solutions.

Environmental Mitigation Techniques

Mike Konrad discusses Zero Discharge Cleaning

Mike Konrad (Aqueous), Eric Camden (Foresite), Barbara "The Cleaning Lady" Kanegsberg (BFK Solutions) and Umut Tosun (Zestron) weigh in on what best cleaning practices entail, how clean is "clean enough," and just what the cost of cleaning really is.

Bob Willis interviews Mike Konrad about Cleanliness Standards

Michael Konrad of Aqueous sits down to talk about the difficulty of establishing cleaning standards in the industry today, as well as the importance of cleaning "no-clean."

Never to be Featured on "Dirty Jobs" Like Real Time's Guest Editor Kelly Dack, if you've believed that cleaning board assemblies is as easy as loading a dishwasher and pressing the start button, you've got a lot to learn! Mike Konrad, President and CEO of Aqueous Technologies Corporation, discusses with Kelly how PCB board assemblies are cleaned in ways previously unknown to mankind! Have they coined a new "DF" acronym--DFC? Tune in to find out what DFC means!

Interest in Cleaning on the Rise - The Perfect Storm

Mike Konrad, Aqueous Technologies at Productronica 2013

Mike Konrad speaking on Environmental Responsibility

Mike Konrad, President CEO of Aqueous Technologies at APEX 2014

EMSNow's Raymond Foo took control of a distinguished panel including Tom Forsythe, Vice President of Kyzen Corporation, Mike Konrad, President of Aqueous Technologies, John Neiderman, Application Engineer at Speedline Technologies, Emmanuele Guéné, Technical Engineer at Inventec Performance Chemicals, and Umut Tosun, Applications Technology Manager at ZESTRON.

Instructional Video: How to Use Trident SPC Functions

Instructional Video: Trident Pump Disassembly Procedure

Trident Spray Pump Rebuild Procedure

Instructional Video: Trident Chamber Maintenance

Instructional Video: Changing Trident's Filter

Instructional Video: Loading Boards into Trident

Instructional Video: Using Trident's Chemical Management System