Resistivity of Solvent Extract (R.O.S.E.) Tester


MEETS ANSI J-STD001 IPC TM650 2.3.25

Accurate  - IPC Compliant - Relevant 

Today's Zero Ion is designed to meet the cleanliness testing challenges associated with modern circuit assemblies. The Zero Ion is capable of extracting and quantifying assembly contamination levels per IPC J STD001 TM 2.3.25, NASA-STD-8739.1B sections 7.2-7.5, and other military specifications. 

When Cleanliness Matters - Accuracy Matters

The Zero Ion utilizes Dynamic Measurement Technology which increases the accuracy of the test by maintaining test fluid sensitivity throughout the testing process. The Zero Ion was determined to be the most sensitive tester available by the US Navy. Because any cleanliness tester can only quantify contamination it extracts from an assembly, the Zero Ion utilizes an effective cross-flow extraction process, subjecting the circuit assembly to rapid fluid currents, assisting in the extraction, solubilization, and quantification of assembly residues.

Ambient Temperature Testing

The Zero Ion performs accurate cleanliness testing without needing to heat the test solution. Ambient temperature cleanliness testing eliminates the need for heaters, eliminating warm-up times while increasing equipment and operator safety. The Zero Ion's proprietary extraction process and dynamic measurement technology provide high levels of accuracy without the need for heat.

Dynamic Measurement Technology

The Zero-Ion utilizes dynamic-based technology. This means the test solution is continually re-deionized during the test. The continual re-deionization process assures a high degree of solvent sensitivity during the test. In addition, the Zero-Ion utilizes an aggressive spray under immersion "flow-stream" to dislodge contamination from under components.