Understanding the New IPC J-STD 001-G Amendment 1 Cleanliness Testing Standard

The widely anticipated revised cleanliness testing standard is now active. What’s next?

This webinar will cover the requirements of the new IPC J-STD001-G Amendment 1 cleanliness testing standard. What’s new, what stays the same? This webinar will uncover the details of the new standard, especially the “Objective Evidence” requirement of the new specification.

High Reliability Forum & Microva Summit



May 14-16, 2019
Hanover, MD

The IPC High Reliability Forum and Microvia Summit will focus on Class 3 electronics used for mil-aero, automotive, or long-life applications. The event offers a well-rounded selection of the most current topics related to reliability and how to make the best materials, process, and testing choices to achieve exceptional performance goals. 

The IPC High Reliability Forum and Microvia Summit provides an opportunity to interface with subject matter experts (SMEs) and the panel discussions allow for interaction between the audience and SMEs, facilitating true problem solving and cooperation to share best practices across different applications.

Presentation sessions include:

  • PCB design and laminate reliability

  • Surface cleanliness testing and reliability

  • Microvia considerations and standards development updates

Panel discussions will address:

  • Board and surface reliability challenges

  • Microvia reliability testing