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Lessons Learned from a Contract Manufacturer and Their Customer Who Sued Them

Mike Konrad will be presenting "SMT-WARS - Lessons Learned from a Contract Manufacturer and Their Customer Who Sued Them" at the Long Island SMTA Expo and Tech Forum October 4, 2018

Melville Marriott Long Island
1350 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747

What happens when an electronic contract manufacturer follows their customer’s instructions to the detriment of the product? Product failures, blame, drama, and a really big lawsuit.  

Mike Konrad will present this webinar and will review the trials and tribulations of a contract manufacturer and their customer. Assembly residue-related failures (ECM) contributed to product failures, product recalls, and, ultimately, a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. 

Misguided “best practice” techniques only made matters worse. This paper will discuss what factors contributed to the “perfect storm” of product failures. Factors that go as far back to original product designs, printed circuit board fabrication, storage and handling, assembly, testing, and coating. While mistakes were made all along the way, product failures could have been avoided with a few simple process changes, adding mere pennies to the cost of each assembly while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation. 

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2018 SMTA International Conference


As part of the Distinguished Speaker Series, Mike Konrad will be presenting:

How to Improve Circuit Assembly Reliability in the Relative World of Harsh Environments

While there is universal agreement that environments such as space, automotive, and down-hole represent the definition of harsh environments, for some circuit assemblies, even an indoor office environment can be harsh. Every circuit assembly has a "residue tolerance". Design, materials, component density, and other factors all influence an assembly's tolerance for residues. This paper will review the primary residue-related failure mechanisms and how to avoid them. This paper will also present evaluation methods to determine an assembly's residue tolerance.

Mike's presentation will take place in the Spotlight Theatre located on the show floor.

 Conference at a Glance

Conference at a Glance

SMTA-IPC High Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference


"How clean is clean?" is more challenging to answer as conductors and circuit traces become narrower. What is acceptably clean for one industry segment may be unacceptable in others. Brought to you by IPC and SMTA, the High-Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference will cover technological developments in all areas of cleaning and coating applied to electronics assemblies. The event will include a technical conference, two half-day tutorials, networking activities and tabletop exhibits. Tutorials will provide practical information on materials, equipment and methodologies at the basic-to-intermediate levels. The technical conference will feature advanced-level presentations from subject-matter experts, emphasizing case studies of real-world problems along with solutions.

Mike Konrad will be presenting: 
Improving Reliability of Circuit Assemblies in Harsh Environments
Wednesday, November 14 at 3:45 PM

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