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Shown with optional status light bar, casters, and SPC barcode scanner

Shown with optional status light bar and casters

Shown with optional barcode scanner

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Trident Automatic Cleaning / Defluxing Systems

Remove Contamination - Improve Reliability

Trident removes all contamination and residues from post-reflow circuit assemblies. When assembly and flux residues are removed, so is the chance for electro-chemical migration (ECM) failures. Clean assemblies are more reliable assemblies. 

Automatic Cleanliness Verification

Trident is equipped with built-in process monitoring technology whereby desired cleanliness levels may be programmed, producing consistency in assembly cleanliness levels. Simply program how clean your assemblies should be and Trident will monitor the real-time cleanliness levels and control the cleaning process until your assemblies meet your level of cleanliness. Cleanliness results are displayed on the operator interface and must be acknowledged before assemblies can be removed from Trident. Cleanliness results are stored in the SPC management system and may be searched and retrieved anytime.

Available in Zero and Low Discharge Configurations

Trident is available in zero and low discharge configurations. Zero discharge Tridents (Trident CLO & ZDO) recycle and reuse all process fluids (wash solution and rinse water) and do not require separate recycling systems. Low discharge Tridents (Trident LDO) recycle wash solution and discharge only filtered rinse water.

By choosing zero discharge models (Trident ZDO/CLO), the need for a discharge permit is eliminated as is any potential environmental liability.

More Throughput - More Flexibility

Trident High-Yield models (DUO, TRIO, QUAD) are equipped with multiple asynchronous process chambers providing high throughput and process flexibility while maintaining a low operational cost and small footprint. Trident High-Yield models can produce more throughput than inline cleaning systems at a fraction of the operational costs. All Trident high-yield models are available in zero and low discharge configurations.

Retrieve Specific Assembly Cleanliness Reports
From Last Week / Last Year 

Trident's detailed advanced SPC capabilities allow all assembly serial numbers and process data to be captured, including set and actual cleanliness levels. Available 1D and 2D barcode scanners capture and input assembly serial numbers. Process data is fully searchable via the internal SQL multi-query database. Searched SPC data may be viewed on-screen, remotely, and exported as an XML file.

Designed and Built in California

Trident, and all other Aqueous Technologies products, are designed and built in California. Trident's quality is a combination of our materials selection and our absolute dedication to build a product that is rugged yet beautiful, sophisticated yet simple, powerful yet quite, and fast yet small. Trident's rugged stainless steel plumbing, spray pump, solution tanks, and spray distribution systems allow Trident to operate with the widest selection of cleaning chemical additives at temperatures required for thorough cleaning. Aqueous Technologies has manufactured fully automated cleaning / defluxing systems for twenty four years with more than four thousand machines sold. Trident has been our most successful model receiving eighteen prestigious industry awards.