Trident Automatic Cleaning / Defluxing Systems

Remove Contamination - Improve Reliability

Trident removes all contamination and residues from post-reflow circuit assemblies. When assembly and flux residues are removed, so is the chance for electro-chemical migration (ECM) failures. Clean assemblies are more reliable assemblies.

Automatic Process Monitoring


Trident is equipped with built-in process monitoring technology whereby desired resistivity levels may be programmed, producing consistency in assembly cleanliness levels. Final resistivity results are displayed on the operator interface and must be acknowledged before assemblies can be removed from Trident. Results are stored in the SPC management system and may be searched and retrieved anytime via the built-in SQL multi-query database.

Available in Zero and Low Discharge Configurations

Trident is available in zero and low discharge configurations. Zero discharge Tridents (Trident CLO & ZDO) recycle and reuse all process fluids (wash solution and rinse water) and do not require separate recycling systems. Low discharge Tridents (Trident LDO) recycle wash solution and discharge only filtered rinse water.

By choosing zero discharge models (Trident ZDO/CLO), the need for a discharge permit is eliminated as is any potential environmental liability.

Trident's Cleaning Engine 

Equipped with an asymmetrical fan-jet spray system, Trident's twin stainless steel counter rotating spray bars feature twenty stainless steel fan-jet nozzles project precision-diffused wash solution and rinse water onto a shadow-mitigating oscillating board rack. This spray system was implemented to deliver controlled fluid energy underneath fine-pitch components. 

Designed and Built in California


Trident, and all other Aqueous Technologies products, are designed and built in California. Trident's quality is a combination of our materials selection and our absolute dedication to build a product that is rugged yet beautiful, sophisticated yet simple, powerful yet quite, and fast yet small. Trident's rugged stainless steel plumbing, spray pump, solution tanks, and spray distribution systems allow Trident to operate with the widest selection of cleaning chemical additives at temperatures required for thorough cleaning. Our equipment designs are inspired by California's 840 miles of coastline which remind us of the power of water and the importance to protect our environment. 


Resistivity of Solvent Extract (R.O.S.E.) Tester

Accurate  - IPC (J-STD001G) and NASA Compliant 


Zero Ion Video Presentation

Today's Zero Ion is designed to meet the cleanliness testing and process control challenges associated with modern circuit assemblies. The Zero Ion is capable of extracting and quantifying assembly contamination levels per IPC J-STD 001 2.3.25 (as required in IPC J-STD001-G Amendment 1), NASA-STD-8739.1B sections 7.2-7.5, and other military specifications. 

The Zero Ion was determined to be the most sensitive tester available by the US Navy. Because any cleanliness tester can only quantify contamination it extracts from an assembly, the Zero Ion utilizes an effective cross-flow extraction process, subjecting the circuit assembly to rapid fluid currents, assisting in the extraction, solubilization, and quantification of assembly residues. 

Dynamic Measurement Technology

The Zero Ion utilizes Dynamic Measurement Technology which increases the accuracy of the test by maintaining test fluid sensitivity throughout the testing process. This means the test solution is continually re-deionized during the test. The continual re-deionization process assures a high degree of solvent sensitivity during the test. In addition, the Zero-Ion utilizes an aggressive spray under immersion "flow-stream" to dislodge contamination from under components. 

Ambient Temperature Testing

The Zero Ion performs accurate cleanliness testing without needing to heat the test solution. Ambient temperature cleanliness testing eliminates the need for heaters, eliminating warm-up times while increasing equipment and operator safety. The Zero Ion's proprietary extraction process and dynamic measurement technology provide high levels of accuracy without the need for heat.

Ultrasonic Stencil and Misprint Cleaning Systems
Cleaning at the Speed of Sound

Ultrasonic - Effective - Safe


StencilWasher harnesses the power of sound waves to effectively remove raw solder paste and uncured adhesives from stencils, screens, and misprints. StencilWasher's 40 kHz sweep-frequenty sound generators provide a safe and effective cleaning environment for both stencils and populated misprint assemblies.

StencilWasher Ultrasonic Stencil and Misprint Cleaning System

StencilWasher Video Presentation

Our Commitment to the Environment

StencilWasher LDO (more info HERE):

  • Removes all solder pastes and uncured SMT adhesives

  • Wash solution is filtered and recirculated (closed-loop) with built-in solder paste trap and filtration system

  • Rinse water is filtered and directed to drain

StencilWasher ZDO (more info HERE):

  • Removes all solder pastes and uncured SMT adhesives

  • Wash solution is filtered and recirculated (closed-loop) with built-in solder paste trap and filtration system

  • Rinse water is filtered and re-deionized and recirculated (closed-loop)

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