HydroBlend Automatic Chemical Dosing and Mixing System

All Trident LDO and ZDO models are equipped with an automatic chemical dosing and mixing system featuring Hydroblend.

Hydroblend features:

  • Accuracy
    Hydroblend’s exclusive metering principle is the most accurate in the industry. Hydroblend maintains this accuracy irrespective of changes in water flows. 
  • True Percentage Indicator
    Percentage on indicator is the percentage of chemical (no conversion chart required)

  • Repeatable Convenient Adjustment
    An adjustable, graduated scale indicates the proportional settings in linear form, with graduations up to 25%. The setting is consistent and repeatable.
  • Wide Range Dosing Capability
    3.2% - 26.8%

  • Reliability
    Because the chemical components are isolated from the “water motor” all Hydroblend’s are application specific. We choose the combination of materials of construction that offer the greatest resistance to the chemicals common to Trident.
  • Rugged Construction Materials
    Stainless steel valve block, water motor and outlet fitting

  • Chemical Resistant Seals
    HDPE pump head and EPDM seals

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