Mike discusses his new podcast, Reliability Matters.
The Mission of Aqueous Technologies
Aqueous Technologies believes in designing, manufacturing, and supporting cleaning and cleanliness testing products that are highly effective and that protect the environment. Our efforts save millions of gallons of water annually.

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Message from Mike...

Welcome to Aqueous Technologies!

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Thanks for visiting us! 

It’s been twenty-seven years since I founded Aqueous Technologies. So much has happened over the past twenty-seven years. When we began this journey, the public internet was only two years old, the top song in the US was Whitney Houston’s“I Will Always Love You”, Amazon (now the world’s largest retailer) was still two years away, Facebook was twelve years from existence, and we would have to wait fifteen years before the iPhone was released to the world. 

 Perhaps my greatest sense of pride is our company’s mission. Simply put, our company’s products make our customer’s products more reliable. Our technology allows our customer’s products to function in harsh environments, in medical devices, automobiles, aircraft, space, and anywhere where failure is not an option. 

Several years ago, Aqueous Technologies made a commitment to education. Through workshops, webinars, books, articles, symposiums, and podcasts, we continue to offer technically relevant, non-commercial educational content to the industry we serve. I spend a considerable amount of time teaching workshops and presenting papers at industry conferences. I would love to meet you in person at one of these events. Check out our Events page to see when/where I will be speaking. Can’t make it to our live in-person events? Attend a live webinar or subscribe to our podcasts (Reliability Matters available on iTunes).

I am grateful for our customers, team members, vendors, partners, and colleagues for the past twenty-seven awesome years. While no one knows what the next twenty-seven years will bring us, I remain confident the world’s pursuit of reliable products will ensure our place in this industry for decades to come.

Michael Konrad
Email: konrad@aqueoustech.com
Twitter: @AqueousTech