Trident's Advanced Statistical Process Control
Data Capture and Search Capabilities

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Trident aSPC Software is Available on all
Trident Defluxing Systems 

Trident's aSPC software provides the ability to scan individual assembly barcodes as they are loaded into the Trident automatic defluxing and cleanliness testing system. All process parameters are stored and are viewed on-screen and via a wireless printer. All data may also be exported as an .xls file to any drive on the network or onto a USB memory device. All relevant process data is stored and associated with specific assembly serial numbers. The following process data is automatically captured: 

  • Assembly serial number 
  • Date / time of batch (start and completion) 
  • Programmed wash solution temperature 
  • Actual wash solution temperature 
  • Maximum quantity of programmed rinse cycles 
  • Actual quantity of rinse cycles 
  • Programmed cleanliness value 
  • Actual cleanliness value 
  • Pass / Fail cleanliness status 
  • Programmed drying time 
  • Actual drying time 
  • Programmed drying temperature 
  • Actual drying temperature 
  • Operator name 
  • Operator notes 
  • Equipment notifications (if any) 

Operators may utilize the aSPC software's advanced search capability to search for specific assemblies that have previously been cleaned and tested. Operators may enter an individual assembly serial number, date ranges, operator names, recipe names, and pass/fail status for access to specific SPC data records. Additionally, operators may view and print all SPC data records. Trident's aSPC software is also equipped with an export feature, allowing all SPC data to be exported as an .XLS file for import into Excel® and other data capturing software. 

Trident's aSPC software stores the captured data in an industry standard SQL database for easy data integration into third-party software. Trident's aSPC software is compatible with 1D and 2D USB barcode scanners.

aSPC software is standard on the following Trident models:

  • Trident ZDO (single chamber and High-Yield)
  • Trident LDO (single chamber and High-Yield)
  • Trident CLO (single chamber and High-Yield)