• Removes Any Flux From Any Alloy

  • Closed-Loop (Zero Discharge) Wash Cycle

  • Low Discharge Rinse Cycle

  • Automatic Wash, Rinse, and Dry Cycles

  • Built-In Programmable Resistivity Monitoring System

  • Unlimited Program Recipes

  • Graphic User Touchscreen Interface

  • Automatic Chemical Dosing and Mixing System

  • Optional Real-Time Chemical Concentration Monitoring

  • Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data-Logging with Available Barcode Scanner (learn more HERE)

  • High-Power Forced Hot-Air Convection + Radiant Drying System

  • Built-In Programmable Maintenance Reminders


Low Discharge

Trident LDO includes a closed loop (zero discharge) wash solution section and a low-discharge rinse section. 

Trident LDO is compatible with the industry's most popular cleaning chemical additives and is capable of removing all flux species as well as other polar and non-polar residues.


Available in Single and Dual Chamber Configurations

Trident LDO is available in single or dual chamber configurations. Trident LDO-DUO provides twice the throughput capabilities of a single-chambered model within one footprint and one electrical connection. Each chamber is completely autonomous, allowing for different program recipes, chemicals, and separate SPC data records. Trident DUO is available in zero or low discharge configurations.

Dimensions: 44.75"W x 44.25D x 70”H
Electrical Requirements: 208-240 3Ø 40 amps
Chemical Dosing and Mixing: Automatic 5% - 20% Concentrations
Control System: Windows 7 PC Touchscreen User Interface
Advanced SPC Data Collection
Assembly Barcode Scanning Capability (barcode scanner optional)
Built-In Cleanliness Verification Technology: Standard
Construction: Welded Steel Tube Frame with Steel Panels
Finish: Baked Powder-Coat Hammer-Tone Finish
Plumbing Materials: Stainless Steel
Fluid Delivery Technology: 20 Asymmetrically Placed 15° Stainless Steel Nozzles
Number of Process Chambers: 1 Standard (2 Optional)